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Glass Art Studiio - Art Glass, Blown Glass, Glass Sculptures, Stained Glass, Restoration, Mosaic, Mirrors, Fused Glass, Laminated Glass - Boston MAI am Jean Scott, owner and artisan with over 35 years experience in glass work.  I started Glass Art Studios creating custom stained glass, and offering restoration services.  As the industry evolved, my clients needs continually grew.  To keep pace, (and often times lead the way with new ideas) my business developed along with the ever-changing technology and capabilities of glass.

In addition to fabricating Architectural Art Glass, we represent several elite glass manufacturers and artisans, enabling us to complete virtually any glass project you or your client can envision.  With extensive knowledge and years of collaboration, Glass Art Studio 2 is years one source for all things glass.

I am happy to have recently relocated my studio to Boston, MA.  I am now in the heart of a community where art and architecture are flourishing, and I am excited to be your contact for all of your glass art needs.

Contact us today for all your commercial, residential architectural and art glass needs at 774-289-9222