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Back Painted Glass

Back painted glass is a sustainable and widely used application providing easy cleaning, and a permanent new appearance years after installation.  At Glass Art Studio 2, we offer a match to any Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams pallet.   Our paint is a water based urethane paint mixed with a hardener for permanent non scratchable surface.  Along with full painted panels, Glass Art Studio 2 will paint in  controlled patterns and or logos.

Our patterned painting can be done in a faux finish, with metallic, and applied to clear glass or mirrors that have had partial silvering removed.
Kolman Glass, one of the artisans we represent uses paints and paper to create one of a kind artistic panels, or tiles.

Back painted glass has been used for countertops, walls, table and desk tops, mirrors or anywhere a sustainable colored effect of a glass surface is desired.

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