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Etched Carved Glass

Etched Glass is the process of frosting the surface of glass by either applying an acid, or by spraying the surface with an abrasive, as in sandblasting.  Etched glass can be controlled to a pattern, by applying a resist, mask to the areas of the glass that will not be etched.

Carved Glass, is done by sandblasting the surface of the glass in layers.  The resist or mask, is put on the glass, and removed only partially and in intervals, so the deepest carved area is removed first, then the next deepest area and so on.  The details of the carved glass can be quite elaborate.

Both of the techniques of etched and carved glass, are frequently combined with other processes, as in the “wind wizard” stained glass piece.  The lake pattern is etched onto a piece of seedy glass, then leaded to complete the panel.  The Foxwood’s panel is carved, the use of non- blasted areas is as important in the technique here as the carved areas.

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