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Homeowners - Glass Art Studios 2 Boston MAJean will visit your home to obtain a complete overview of what will be entailed.  Jean in detail will explain what will take place for a project to come to completion. A shower enclosure, stained glass windows, mirrors, countertops, entryways, skylites, and the list continues, so the process changes.

With a homeowner, the work is emotional, their personal space is invaded and often they are uneasy with the construction process. With consideration of the type of work to be performed, Glass Art Studio 2 will alleviate any surprises.  We design and educate the home owner on how we will build and install, why we choose to build and install in a certain way, and how we get to the final cost of the work. There are no changes in the final cost unless the scope of our work changes.

Our proposal, which becomes our contract to homeowner, is written in detail, so there are no discrepancies. Scope of work, materials, process, lead time, price etc., is spelled out.  Once proposal is accepted we will submit a design and samples for approval.  Homeowners are welcome to visit the studio during the fabrication process if they so choose.

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